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Director Chen from Standardization Administration visited our company

April 16, 2021

In September 2018, Director Chen of Standardization Administration came to DJX Cable to visit, inspect and participate in technical exchange meetings.

Firstly, the chairman of DJX Group introduced the corporate culture concept of our company. Then the experts from National Standards Committee visited the workshop and laboratory of our company. In addition, we will have a technical exchange meeting in our company. Our technical director gave a brief introduction of our product technology research and development, talent introduction and the combination of industry and learning. Director Chen had an in-depth discussion with the technical director on the technical issues.

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Chairman of DJX Group expressed our firm belief that” service is the guarantee and technology is the development”. Director Chen to our company’s service and technical research and development of the adhere to express recognition. DJX Cable will continue to adhere to the “Quality+Service” principle, to provide customers with safe cable. Finally, welcome to our company.